Dawn Gentz

May 1, 2010, is the deadline for the Principal Residence Exemption. If you are not currently receiving the exemption from local school operating taxes and are entitled,  please contact me as early as possible. The reappraisal has been completed and approved by the State Tax Commission. The 2010 State Equalized Value on your assessment change notice reflects the value established by the reappraisal.

Time to Schedule !!

Graduation Parties….Family Reunions

Picnics……..Wedding Receptions


v                 Call Pam Varner at 832-9618 to schedule your event at the townhip hall.  Deposit is $20 plus a $40 fee for use.

v                 Call Anna Miller at 631-6656 to reserve the park shelter for free.


Just a Reminder

Board meetings are held at the
Township Hall on the third
Wednesday of the month.

Stacey Thompson

The first thing I want to tell you all is that I have truly enjoyed getting to know you better the past year. Many of you have shared some wonderful stories with me about my father.  It is an honor to be following in his footsteps.  He taught me a great deal about the responsibilities of the treasurer’s position. However, I have learned a great deal more while I have been in this position. I continue to work hard and learn more. My main concern is what is best for our township and our residents. Part of that learning is listening to all of you; so please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or by stopping in the office. Now that the winter tax season is over, I am in the office most afternoons.

One more important note; the summer tax bills will be in the mail the end of June. If you do not receive your tax bill by mid-July, please contact me so that I can another bill out to you. Also with your summer tax bill there will be a card enclosed that will have my summer tax collection hours. I continue to look forward to getting to know you and working with all of you.

Midland Conservation District
Tree Sale


Extra trees, shrubs, fruit trees, strawberries and asparagus can be purchased at the Pinecrest Barn on E. Olson Rd.  Get fruit trees, strawberries and asparagus  on April 9 and  trees and shrubs on April 23.  Hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Go to for more information.
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